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Top tips for optimizing Google Adwords mobile campaigns

Do you want to learn how to optimize Google Adwords mobile campaigns? In this post we will give you a list of 10 tips so you can improve your mobile campaigns performance.

Why should we decide to launch a ppc campaign for mobile devices?

As we all must heard, the smartphone use has widespread globally and because of that it is a great opportunity for ppc marketers since it opens a new window filled with a huge new target. Currently most of the conversions coming from desktop / tablet / mobile, have been helped or influenced by previous searches performed from a mobile device. In many cases, smartphones are used with the same frequency as desktop devices to search online.The most common tasks performed from a mobile device are to read news, to use the search engines or to check the calendar. In countries like Spain, the smatphones are used by all age groups almost in the same amount so we can say that the integration of smartphones devices in Spain is very high Sigue leyendo Top tips for optimizing Google Adwords mobile campaigns

PPC Keyword Generator

As we might guess, it is almost impossible to cover all the words a user might use in a search query that might trigger our ads to show (In other words, it is very difficult to have a 100% share in ppc campaign impression share). There are dozens of synonyms, plural, masculine and feminine words, adjectives from a single word… But on the other hand, we also know that, the more theme-related keywords and ad groups we have, the more likely we will get to our users. So now we need to get with a tool that facilitates us those tasks, following I’ll explain some and how they work. Sigue leyendo PPC Keyword Generator

Why Don’t I See My Ads?

Where are my ads?
Where are my ads?

It can happen and It’s very normal. You have just activated a campaign and you want to see how your PPC ads appear. But when you are not able to see them… the questions arise…

Why Don’t I See My Ads?

Do not stress out. If you are not able to see your ads it may be because of a large variety of reasons you might not be aware of. Below you can read a list of the most common reasons.
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Effective Keywords for SEM Campaigns

So we would like to launch a PPC campaign in Google or Bing and we have not clue which keywords to use. Well, It may sounds complicated at first but, once you finish this post you will have a clear idea of what to do.

How to start?

First of all, you would need to analyze all the words you have on your website so that you can define your business strategy in your SEM campaigns.  In order to do so, we can use  Google Keyword Planner to check and obtain some keywords ideas grouped by adgroups and campaigns. Google Keyword Planner, is a great way to start since it gives us a lot of useful information and we can even detect if Google understand that our website content is the content we are aiming for and if it is related to our business goal. Sigue leyendo Effective Keywords for SEM Campaigns

Facebook Ads, where do I start?

As we might know, we can launch PPC campaigns out of search engines, so we could run a PPC campaign in Facebook for instance. The main advantage of Facebook  is that right now is still one of the biggest social media platforms. Moreover, with Facebook we are able to target our audience in a more detailed way. In order to invest and run a Facebook ads campaign, we should have a clear idea of our target and our CPA goal since, in order to invest in this platform is recommended to have an important budget to invest. So once, we know our audience and our CPA goal, how and where do we start?

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The ultimate checklist for your shopping campaigns

In this article we are going to show you the ultimate checklist of how to keep your products updated and some tips to help you improve your sales conversion.


We will proceed by reviewing all the critical points in order to take the wiser decision and optimize your product feed.

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PPC Display Campaigns for Lead Generation

When launching PPC Display campaigns, most of the times we know it is not profitable if our aim is to generate leads. Therefore, we do not even think about launching one of this kind as we assume it will not be profitable. But, have you tried to apply sepecific segmentations for your Display campaigns?

Generally, when creating a Display campaign, it is because we have one of the following type of goals in mind. We will proceed by briefly explain the three of them and focusing in the last one, lead generation.

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Top 12 Google Shopping Tips for Black Friday

As you know, by the end of November we got Black Friday, that day where e-commerce companies get “crazy” and offfer their products with very large discounts and offers.

If you want your Black Friday to become more golden than black, do not miss the following tips:

1. Prepare and leave your server ready to absorb a high volume of users and most likely amount of sales.

It would be very a misfortune if we had lost a large amount of sales because of a slow server.

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How to optimize my PPC campaigns’ landing page ?

Most purchasing decisions are initiated through search engines (Google, Yahoo…) and as we know, there are sponsored ads spaces in which we could appear if we launch a PPC marketing campaign. Most of these ad text and banners redirect the user to a landing page which works as a showcase for your business. It is for this reason that the landing page quality is very importantto to improve conversion rates and reduce bounce rates. But, how do we create an optimal  landing page for PPC campaigns? Below, we have detailed a numer of freatures that all optimized landing page should have.

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How PPC Advertising works and why should I invest on it?

ppc marketing 2

What is PPC Marketing?

Pay-per-click Marketing or PPC advertising, is a way of online advertisement in which advertisers pay every time a user clicks on their ads, which appear in search engines or other websites. This technique is used when an advertiser is interested in buying visits to his website instead of getting them organically. PPC strategies are of high interest since they can bring faster results than SEO and also they are perfect for sporadic or short-time campaigns.

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