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The ultimate list of referrer spam

18In this post we will explain what is a referrer spam, how to identify it and what to do in Google Analytics.

What is referrer spam?

There are different source/medium where we can track our traffic (direct, organic, referrer, cpc…) As pointed out, one of those is called referrer, this tells us the URL or HTTP header where a user comes from and has accessed our website. The problem is that some of these referrer are not always real since as we can already guess, there are robots which function is to analyze and track our website. They will appear in our referrer list as for example, googlebot. As well, there are other kind of robots which are called spam robots. They use the URL header to promote their sites or their affiliate sites and drive traffic to them. To appear on our referrer list, they have to make a request to our Google Analytics javascript code. Sigue leyendo The ultimate list of referrer spam

When is it profitable to hire SEO services?

If we would like to hire a SEO agency or a freelance SEO, we should look for information about what general strengths should a SEO agency have. How to do that? Easy enough, just Googled it and Google will show you all the information needed. From here, as head of the marketing department or CEO, you can use your sixth sense to detect those that look suspicious and those who are not. As everything in life, I recommend you to ask for several SEO budgets proposals, ask for recommendations, compare your potential agencies/freelance…

1. Request your contacts to recommend you agencies or SEO professionals.

A “friend” will never lie to you. If a friend or an acquaintance recommends someone to you, you will know for a fact that this someone is a reliable choice.
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