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PPC Keyword Generator

As we might guess, it is almost impossible to cover all the words a user might use in a search query that might trigger our ads to show (In other words, it is very difficult to have a 100% share in ppc campaign impression share). There are dozens of synonyms, plural, masculine and feminine words, adjectives from a single word… But on the other hand, we also know that, the more theme-related keywords and ad groups we have, the more likely we will get to our users. So now we need to get with a tool that facilitates us those tasks, following I’ll explain some and how they work. Sigue leyendo PPC Keyword Generator

Adinton Attribution Model

The goal of this post is to clear up any confusion about the Adinton attribution model and how the tool uses this model to build and run the Adinton optimization rules and to create the Adinton Score.

What is an attribution model?

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Google Adwords cost per click calculator

In this post I will talk about the Google Adwords cost per click (CPC), how to calculate the CPC for a new keyword, how Google Adwords calculates the final CPC we end up paying and how to optimize our CPC bids.

What is the maximum cost per click?

The maximum CPC is the maximum amount we are willing to pay each time a user clicks on our ads. This cost is not necessarily the final cost we are going to be paying, since it depends on an internal auction, but it is going to be the maximum amount that Google or any PPC platform can charge us for a click on our ads. Sigue leyendo Google Adwords cost per click calculator

PPC Keyword Analysis

How do improve the performance of my keywords without spending so much time on it? In this post, I’m going to give you tips and advice of how to optimize your time when it comes to keywords performance analysis . By applying a very easy ppc keywords analysis, you are going to be able to take the most of what you have and go beyond that.

What is a PPC keyword analysis?

A PPC keyword analysis is, as its name suggests, an analysis performed on the keywords we got on our PPC campaigns. This type of analysis is performed to identify both, those keywords which are given us the greater benefit and those keywords which are making us waste our budget. By applying this kind of analysis we are going to be able to find new search terms for our ad groups as well as new ad groups to separate our current keywords in more related-theme groups.
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Real-time Analytics with Adinton

Not only you can optimize your CPC bids with Adinton but also, the tool offers valuable information about your visitors in real-time and enables you to create behavioural rules to modify your users behavior.

Real-time information

With Adinton (real-time analytics tool) you can access in-detail information regarding the customer journey of your users. Therefore, you will know from where your web visitors come from as well as what have they visit in your webpage and which source has been the last they have visited before a convertion. Moreover, you can filter the data by “only clicks”, “clicks and conversions” and “conversions only” as well as for traffic sources.
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The ultimate list of referrer spam

18In this post we will explain what is a referrer spam, how to identify it and what to do in Google Analytics.

What is referrer spam?

There are different source/medium where we can track our traffic (direct, organic, referrer, cpc…) As pointed out, one of those is called referrer, this tells us the URL or HTTP header where a user comes from and has accessed our website. The problem is that some of these referrer are not always real since as we can already guess, there are robots which function is to analyze and track our website. They will appear in our referrer list as for example, googlebot. As well, there are other kind of robots which are called spam robots. They use the URL header to promote their sites or their affiliate sites and drive traffic to them. To appear on our referrer list, they have to make a request to our Google Analytics javascript code. Sigue leyendo The ultimate list of referrer spam

How to optimize my PPC campaigns’ landing page ?

Most purchasing decisions are initiated through search engines (Google, Yahoo…) and as we know, there are sponsored ads spaces in which we could appear if we launch a PPC marketing campaign. Most of these ad text and banners redirect the user to a landing page which works as a showcase for your business. It is for this reason that the landing page quality is very importantto to improve conversion rates and reduce bounce rates. But, how do we create an optimal  landing page for PPC campaigns? Below, we have detailed a numer of freatures that all optimized landing page should have.

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Direct traffic and attribution models

In this article we will give you a brief introduction of how to measure direct traffic and how the conversion value changes depending on the attribution model you decide to use.

What is direct traffic?

Direct traffic is a kind of traffic source as could be SEM, emailing, Display, Referer or Organic. Direct traffic could be defined as any traffic a webpage receives directly, meaning, either a user has typed the URL and push enter or the user has landed on your webpage by the use of a bookmark.

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